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We have been breeding purebred dogs registered with Canadian Kennel Club for over 20 years . We started off with Chow Chows, and then we found the wonderful non-shedding Portuguese Water Dog.

Casa O' Kamolot Kennels is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, and I am a member in good standing for many years.

I have been involved in programs such as Theraputic Paws of Canada where we visited with seniors in nursing homes in our area and also worked with children in the Paws to Read Program in local schools.

We have brought in some of the best bloodlines in Europe and North America for our breeding program. We have sold puppies all over North America ask me for reference we might have a puppy near you. It is unfortunate with changing over our website we lost our old testimonials but we are receiving new ones from old customers and recent clients !



 Check out our  PWD Nursery it is now open !!!!!

Miss Ivy and Baxter presented us with 10 beauitful puppies born May 17 2017 , Only 1 brown with white markings  Wavy MALE available ! they have all had health checks and microchipped, vaccinated and inspected !

For our American friends yes you can take them into USA with permission from CDC !

One is going to Virginia she got her approval in less than a week ! One going to MA Sunday and 1 to Boston next weekend !

For more information on bringing into USA email me through contact us !

Miss Ivy is 5 th generation Kamolot breeding, OFA certified good, PRA clear, GM 1 clear

Baxter is OFA Prelimb passed to be certifed soon, GM1 clear, PRA Clear,JCDM clear by parentage ! Baxter comes from some impressive blood lines Son of Aquatass Magic Titan , International Champion, Italian Champion ! His mother Aquatass Silent Mountain Brecca , Italian Champion ! Picures to be posted soon of available puppies.

Hot off the press !!!!!

Casa O Kamolot has recently acquired two beauitful Lagotto puppies, from a wonderful breeder Erika Brumowski at Ferma Baroanei Lagotto Romagnolo Kennels in Romania. Eve and Gucci arrived in 2016 looking forward to great things from this pair !


CDC update for importing puppies into USA without Rabies Vaccination

This takes about 2 business days to ahave approval !


IT is possible and fairly easy to do now, that everyone understands what is to be expected . Now the dust has settled and rules are in place it really is not that much different than before !  USA citizens bringing Canadian born puppy into USA must apply to CDC in writing via email for application, you fill in the 4 questions and answer them then email back to CDC and you get reply within 3 days !!!!! For pre-approval . When entering USA at border you are required to check in with paperwork , they will let your area officials know you have puppy that is to be Quarantined at your home they might check up on you ! But honestly I ask people not to take puppy out around anyway until full set of vaccinations are in place ! I would be happy to help anyone interested in purchasing a puppy from me through this process !

I have copy if you are truly interested in importing from us !

The Portuguese Water Dog breed is known for it being Hypo-Allergic, Non Shedding and Medium size. The Portuguese Water Dog come in curly or wavy coat, with colour combinations of  black, brown, silver, white and or cream.

The Portuguese Water Dog Standard with the Canadian Kennel Club states

Males height 19.5" to 22.5" weight 42 lbs - 60 lbs

Females height 16.5" to 20.5"  weight 35 lbs- 50 lbs


Canadian Kennel Club PWD Page Link - Click Here